Saturday, January 3, 2015

Productive week is productive

Ok so for the first week, this didn't really go as per plan. I still haven't gotten around to listing the full Pile of Shame or looked up the percentages completed for each title. Nor have I done any real Pile of Shame gaming (excluding maybe some Pokemon). The little time I have had to play games this week has been spent on the Halo 5 Beta, WoW and Pokemon Ruby.

Halo 5 is great, aside from the learning curve at the start which came with a shock (I expected to just jump in and start doing reasonably well) it's got everything that made the originals great and more. It feels new but still familiar, and moves quicker than anything previous.

Speaking of Halo, I've been having stupid problems with trying to record content for the youtube channel on it. A big chunk of games I've managed to record have come back with no sound dude to me forgetting to do a reset on the machine after watching a movie or Nightfall (I'll maybe talk about that later)

Warcraft hasen't changed, I still haven't done the MC raid due to groups wiping on trash. I've finished the quests for the first 6 mounts from the stables in the garrison, I'm thinking of working towards getting the last 2 from the achievements.

And now Pokemon progression has been rather stagnant due to, well, not playing it. I've been using the Blissy bases to level my team. Now I'm ready to take on Elite 4, after I take on Groudon and grab the 8th badge.

Also this week I picked up Captain Toad, so now thats apart of the Pile. Next week I hope to have the list completed and get some time in with maybe Far Cry 4.

Let's be honest I'll probably spend the week playing Halo.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty bad at writing, english was my worst subject at school. So please bear with the spelling mistakes, poor grammar and really bad paragraph construction. I'm using this to learn!

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